Artistic Reflections
Reinventing the Customer Experience

Over 20 years have passed since we began business in our garage with mostly no money but a willingness to create an art company that could meet the needs of finer gift stores throughout America. We were incorporated as North American Art Publishing, Inc. As our business grew, we gravitated to bigger pictures and started selling Furniture Stores along with Gift Stores. Two years ago we decided to separate the gift line from the Furniture line. This segmentation allowed us to renew our attention to small framed art prints as well as larger framed art prints.

Our mission is to offer a line of wholesale art prints that are made in America at affordable prices.

The results have exceeded our wildest expectations. Our gift stores have guided us to new frames, mats, and artists. We have grown from 200 to over 600 images. We add new prints almost weekly. We have been able to control our growth so that our customers have been able to receive deliveries in three weeks. And, by separating our company into two divisions we were better able to create offerings both big and small.

This website is our effort to let our customers have immediate access to our new offerings rather than having to wait for catalog supplements. Catalogs are expensive. They would limit our ability to add new products to meet our customer needs. By building this website, we will be able to have a catalog with 600 images and still expand our offerings beyond that level. We most certainly will maintain a catalog. We will most certainly continue with supplements. But, this website will have twice as many pictures as the catalog. It will represent our entire line which simply cannot happen with catalogs alone. We are doing everything we can to keep our prices as low as we possibly can. In these trying economic times, we understand that our stores need fresh, new, and exciting products at affordable prices. This website will help allow that to happen.

Debbie and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Many thanks;
Bruce Schleicher
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Artistic Reflections
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