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Artistic Reflections ~ Wood Block Signs

Enjoy our inspirational and humorous solid pine wood blocks. Made with Pine from local mills in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These rustic expressions of love or humor are great accent pieces that can be displayed anywhere.
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Home is where the Harley is. Lord Give Me Coffee My Favorite People Call Me Grandma
Lord Give Me Coffee
Retail: $18.00
WB1106B WB2001 WB2002
Respect Your Parents - Google You Are My Sunshine. Best Mom Ever.
You Are My Sunshine.
Retail: $15.00
Best Mom Ever.
Retail: $15.00
WB2003 WB2004 WB2005
Living On Lake Time Love Me. Love My Dog. Love Me. Love My Cat.
Living On Lake Time
Retail: $15.00
WB2006 WB2007 WB2008
I Opened My Mouth And Out Came My Mother Live Well. Love Much. Lake Often. Life Is Good On The Farm
WB2009 WB2010 WB2011
Be The Kind Of Woman Love You To The Moon And Back Your Crazy Is Showing
Be The Kind Of Woman
Retail: $18.00
WB2012 WB2013 WB2014
I'm Not Bitchy… Heaven Is Closer At The Lake. And On The 8th Day God Made A Farmer.  (by Paul Harvey)
I'm Not Bitchy…
Retail: $16.00
WB2015 WB2016 WB2017
Home Is Where The Harley Is . Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven I'm Just A Cupcake
I'm Just A Cupcake
Retail: $16.00
WB2018 WB2019 WB2020
What If You Woke Up Today I Love You A Bushel And A Peck Three Wise Women
Three Wise Women
Retail: $18.00
WB2021 WB2022 WB2023
All You Need Is Love And Coffee Life Is Better On A Harley My Barn My Rules.
My Barn My Rules.
Retail: $15.00
WB2024 WB2025 WB2026
Saw It Liked It Asked Grandma Got It My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa Hot Flashes Are God's Way
WB2027 WB2028 WB2029
There Always Is Room For One More Cat Memories Made At To Last A Lifetime Welcome To Our Little Neck Of The Woods
WB2030 WB2031 WB2032
Let The Waves Hit Your Feet Life Is Better At The Beach We May Not Have It All Together
WB2033 WB2034 WB2035
Twinkle Twinkle Little Boy She Leaves A Little Sparkle Grateful Thankful Blessed
WB2036 WB2037 WB2038
Difficult Roads Often Lead To Grow Old Along With Me Your Life Was A Blessing
WB2039 WB2040 WB2041
Those We Love Don't Go Away One Small Positive Thought Dream Higher Than The Sky
WB2042 WB2043 WB2044
Let It Be P.S. I Love You I've Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
Let It Be
Retail: $15.00
P.S. I Love You
Retail: $15.00
WB2045 WB2046 WB2047
In This Family We Do Prayer Sandy Toes Always Take Away Your Woes Love More Worry Less
Love More Worry Less
Retail: $15.00
WB2048 WB2049 WB2050
Wine a Bit, You'll Feel Better… The More People I Meet Sandy Toes Salty Kisses
WB2051 WB2052 WB2053
The Beach, You Can Never Horses Are Like Chocolates I Live In A Madhouse
I Live In A Madhouse
Retail: $18.00
WB2054 WB2055 WB2056
All Things Are Possible May The Horse Be With You You Are My Bucket List
WB2057 WB2058 WB2059